Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Boggle Me Thursday

Boggle Me Thursday

Welcome to the 42nd week of BMT - Boggle Me Thursday.

The instructions for this meme are here or you can check out the quick and dirty rules on the sidebar. Once you know the rules, you can skip this step.

To play, simply copy the button code from the side bar.
Then copy one or both of the links below to display this week's "Boggle" on your post. No need to copy or upload images.

Click inside the text box, click Ctrl A, then Ctrl C and then Ctrl V on your post's html page.

Trust me, it's easy!

This tag is for the first photo.

This tag is for the second photo.

For the specific rules to Boggle, please go here. But remember, this is for fun; there are no points, no winner or losers!

If you don't have a blog, feel free to list your words in the comments.

For an added twist, when you're done, write a sentence with as many of the words you found as you can!

Please remember to visit fellow Bogglers... part of the fun is seeing what words others found!

Ready! Set! Go!


Chie Wilks said...

i am joining today...mine is here

Clara said...

Great board this week. Mine is up here.

bambie said...

it's my first time to join. here's my list:

Anonymous said...

here's mine
it's my second try

Mama Ko said...

I am done with mine, i only got 14 words in 3 minutes, i am slow heheh. Here is my entry

Maria @ LSS said...

Mine is here.

Lulu Post said...

My Boggle entry... glad to see that there are more entries this week

rache said...

oops, i forgot to link my entry... didn't find a lot but here's what I found --> My Boggle Entry

ilovepink1078 said...

Hope you don't mind If I follow your blog. hope you do the same.